Backup your device

We recommend that you make regular backups of your devices, and if you have an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod, it's pretty easy once you know how. There are a couple of ways, so here they are ....



If you have a PC or Mac, you can install iTunes on it (the link is at the bottom of this page).

When your device is plugged in and either iTunes has started automatically, or you have started the application yourself, you will see a small icon of an iPhone, iPod or iPad, depending on which device you have connected.

Click on this icon, and you will see a screen with the information about your device at the top, and below that, the backup panel ...

If your device is usually backed up to iCloud, as in this example, then thi will be selected, and the information of the latest backup will be displayed bottom right, as shown.

You can either simply select "Back Up Now" or you can select "This Computer" under the Automatically Back Up option. Either way this will perform a backup of your device and its data to your local computer.

PLEASE NOTE: We ALWAYS recommend that you copy your important photos and videos off of your device seperately if they are not included in your backup, to ensure that no treasured memories are lost. In Windows this is a simple "Copy and Paste" process from within the device in "My Computer", and on a Mac you can use the "Photos" app to easily backup your photos and videos.



You can also backup your device to iCloud which is the recommended method, as this is done automatically when your phone is on charge and in sleep mode, usually overnight, and it is very easy to select which data that you would like backed up.

On your device, go into ..

Settings/iCloud ....

From here you can select which items that you would like to back up, and also ensure that the "Backup" option is "On"

If you select this "Backup" option, you will also get an option to "Back Up Now" and below it will give you the last backup information.

If you use this method, then most of your backed up data is also available securely online via your account at


If you have any problems backing up, or questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here is the link to the Apple website to download and install iTunes.

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We come to you, with FREE collection and return within about 10 miles of Worthing, West Sussex.

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We come to you, with FREE collection and return within about 10 miles of Worthing, West Sussex.

We will collect your device and confirm with you a return time. iPhones are usually returned with 1 hour!

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